Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Are you hungry?

My Dad tells the story about him and his uncle growing up. They shot a few doves on the farm and decided to have a braai and wanted to have some pap with it. They had to make this themselves and asked for help. His mom gave them maze meel and told them to take the pot and some salt in the barn.

When they got there they filled the pot half full with water and thought about how much salt to add... Both of them filled their pockets and both hands with salt and made their food. Needless to say not the dog or even their pet baboon wanted to eat the pap!

New friends of ours displayed the principle of Matthew 5:13 perfectly to me recently. Without saying much, doing much or trying to impress, they were the salt of the earth. True humble christianity. They don't brag with what they do,they don't over elaborate, but they achieve a lot by being who God wants them to be.

I strive to be like that one day
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