Tuesday, 27 November 2012


My wife is a teacher. She loves what she does and lives for those kids. Enjoys most of it, apart from politics... For the few times that I also present training, I have to mark Portfolios of evidence as well as the assessments that goes with it. Both of us don't particularly like the marking, but it comes with the job and has to be done. The problem is that it is so repetitive...

While sitting and marking I have often thought that it is close to judging. While I am judging the work performed that is set against certain standards I realise that there are many other places in my life where I judge. This, despite the fact that the Bible states that man should not judge. Why do I do it then? It has to stop, somehow...

But more than that, I should remember that one day I will be judged by the only true judge. The Holy God who created all of us. He who does not just want us to know about Him, but to know Him (Mat 7:21). Intimately.

I have to up my game

PS: This is blog number 101, with 5106 reads already. Thanks to all so far. Keep it real

Monday, 26 November 2012

The end of an era

Today is truly the end of an era in South Africa. Since 1975 until today, to the day, the very same newsreader presented the Afrikaans news on the SABC. His name is Riaan Cruywagen. Apart from that he also recently starred in some VERY funny advertisements, music videos and so forth. Aged 67 he is now retiring.

We all have to retire at one stage. Not only from our work, but from life itself. Our time on earth would be over. Our body might remain here, but our spirit won't. What happens than? Does it matter what happens then?

There are only a few things that matters, really matters, and here they are:
1 - That you give your life to the Lord, submitting wholeheartedly, living fully for Him
2 - That you spread the message in every way possible, ensuring that everyone knows

How is that done?

Not easy at all... Everyday, every moment of our lives, we to set the example. It does not matter if I am at work, at my home, with family or where ever, I need to tell of His mercies, grace and love. Not because you have to, but out of love

Sunday, 25 November 2012


My wife and I attended our second wedding for the year this weekend. The first one was in October. When we were in our middle to late twenties we had plenty of weddings to attend, but we are now in a period where most are already married. Looking forward to some specific weddings in the future, hopefully the near future.

Now weddings, and more specifically marriage, is an institution of God. It was His decision that man should not be alone and thus He created Eve. He also proclaim marriage to be holy, and to be kept holy, thus there is no space for a third party. It can only be You, your partner and God. The husband to be the head, but that does not mean that he is a ruler. God should be. As husband me and you should be plugged in to Him.

What makes weddings special is that you know that it is a fresh start in mostly young peoples lives. It takes a lot of planning to make that day perfect, although it all never works out perfectly. The wedding we attended yesterday had a lot of potential to be a flop, but worked out beautifully, almost like it was planned that way. Brides always look pretty and relaxed, while the groom dresses up and look stressed standing at the front. As soon as she appears the groom relaxes and a smile appears: at last, thank you!

In the Bible there is plenty regarding weddings and marriage. Matthew 22:1 Gods Kingdom is like a king throwing a banquet for his son.

As for marriage, its a lifelong commitment, that is a discussion on its own...

Giving our lives over to God is the same as a marriage, with the same values. A commitment to be upheld

Saturday, 24 November 2012


I have experienced the miracle of flying again today. My very first flight was in 2006 when I went to visit my best friend in Cape Town. The next week I flew to Cape Town again for work. By now I can not remember (or count) how many times in my life I flew!

Every time I sit in an aeroplane I realise what a miracle it is... I have not had bad experiences, but I had some bumpy rides. Today was one of them. When you sit in the air and look down, when you see the different landscapes and the places that you can recognise from above, it brings a perspective of how privileged we are. 100 years ago things were very different. The world truly became a smaller place!

These days seeing an aeroplane is normal. Its part of our lives, nothing notable. But, if an aeroplane falls anywhere in the world, it is headline news. Lives are lost and someone has to be accountable. As if a plane falling is more unlikely than having a car accident. Why is it so? Probably because there are less planes, but also because more people die at one time. And the fact that the risk is so high and every precaution is taken.

The Lord designed birds way before man even thought about flying. He knew way in advance that, oneday, we will fly in planes. He was the inspiration behind flying. 

And He is our inspiration behind us living...

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


It is the beginning of summer in South Africa and we are having a scorcher of a week. Our airconditioner at the office was faulty and the heat became almost unbearable. All doors and windows were opened and I consumed water like I had a leak somewhere. During the day we reminded each other that it was a particularly hot day, not that we had to mention it at all!

The water I drank was my only saving grace. Imagine a life without water. Imagine we had to fight each other for a drop of it, either to quench our thirst or to ensure that we can grow food and keep our animals living. What a life that would be. Every time it rains I tell myself that it brings life and that it also reminds me to keep my life growing in Jesus.

No heat that someone applies or any particularly 'hot' day at the 'office' should steal my joy. Some people tend to get you hot under the collar. I wont lose it because of them. I am already saved and I know He loves me. I also know that it is only by my own doing that it could change. Its all a choice.

I choose life.
I choose Jesus.
I choose to live every day as if it is my last, in Him.

You do that too.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Cage fighting

My wife spent the last week and a bit marking the final exam of the grade 12 pupils in South Africa. It is a rigorous process where everything is verified and checked at least 3 times. The hours per day are also extreme, so after a while there no fun in it all.

The one day she saw a dove that flew into the building. It got stuck on the top floor where the windows were to high to reach in order to open. The dove was there for a few days when she decided to call security and let then open the windows so that the dove could escape. 

All they managed to do is chase the dove around until it was to tired to fly any further. It collapsed as a result of exhaustion and probably a lack of food and water. She took it outside where it was able to enjoy freedom again, its heart pounding of shock.

Sometimes in life we are also like that. We are captured and scared, caught in a corner of life, when we can not see a way out. We run around and try every way possible, but to no avail, we are stuck. That is, until we surrender the issue to God and allow Him to show us the correct door to take. Once outside we live in freedom (Hopefully His freedom) again.

Put your trust in the Lord and allow Him to take control of those closed doors. He has ALL the keys...

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Nature looks after itself

Ever thought about how nature works? Sometimes I take a lot of things for granted. Its as if its so 'natural', it goes completely unnoticed. Think about how seasons change, how bees and other insects fertilise flowers in order for it to become fruit. Think about how a wound would close and someday only leave a scar. All of this, and many more, are part of natures way, how nature regenerates itself every year, every season.

Or that's how most people regard it. The big question is what lies behind it. How was it made? There are a lot of theories around like evolution and reincarnation, but there is only one that I believe in. All of this was planned and designed by an almighty, Supernatural God that up to this day and forever more will every second of the day look after it all. He did give it to us to look after, to nurture, and to rule over, but there are too many things that can not be performed by man. Scientists refer to this as nature. I say it is God.

Never take anything as "by change". There is nothing like that. It is all planned by Him. He knows every step we take. Every hair on our head is counted. 

God looks after nature, but more than that, He looks after us

Monday, 12 November 2012


The knee is a funny, essential thing.

Tonight I am sittings on this aeroplane with both knees in pain after I ran my first 21.1km race. While I am sitting there is no pain at all. None of my muscles are in pain either, just my knees. The pain is also only if I flex the muscles trying to stand up or going down to sit. Previously, if my knees pained, it was as a result of of something stupid like a cricket ball hitting it, or falling on it.

This time, though, it was while doing something that was worth my time. I placed enormous time into preparation, exercising and paying good money to get to Cape Town where the race was staged. On race day I suffered as the furthest I ever ran was 10km, so all of the last 11.1km was breaking new ground.

If my knees were not working, running would have been impossible. Now that they are, the pain reflects the amount of hammering they took. You see, anything worth doing is worth the pain. Every time I feel my tender knee I am proud of the fact that I finished.

Starting to exercise is painful. Losing weight is painful. Kicking a bad habit is painful. In order to be better, pain should be endured. To stand up for the name of the Lord is painful as well. To stand for what you believe in sometimes hurts. Not all physical, but painful.

Improve your lifestyle by committing more. More to the Lord and more to good habits. More to His glory. Take the pain on the chin, be brave, be bold, live the good life. Live for Him

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


We all hear and read quotes everyday. Today I saw one that makes a lot of sense to me. One that's very true:

You can be part of the church, but not connected to Christ, but you cannot be part of Christ and not part of the church...

Now I agree with this wholeheartedly. It's also quite hard hitting! It made me think about my own relationship with Christ. I am involved at the church, but do I commit to Him daily and do it not just as a routine, but out of love?

Food for thought for myself...

And maybe you as well?

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Today is election day in the USA. Only two options exist, options that can change the future for good. A decision that has to be taken seriously.

When did the whole democracy rules theory come into effect? If you look at biblical times the rulers were always kings. Not kings that were votes in, but became king because of their birthorder.

In the kingdom of God, it still works that way. We are sons and daughters of the almighty God. As you gave your life to Him, you were born into His family and your inheritance is eternal life. The only vote you will need, is to make that decision.

Thus, know your rights!

Monday, 5 November 2012


Ever heard about the tone at the top? It refers to the tone that is set by management, that influences the way employees within the company performs their work etc. If they are corrupt, so will employees be. If management is relaxed, the rest of the staff will also have a relaxed style. I think you get the point.

Now, apart from work, we also set a tone. This tone is a lifestyle. Its the way you do what you do.

It is true that you and I may be Christians, followers, believers, but what tone do we set? What do we do on a day-to-day basis? How do we do it? In what way? 

What do you say with your body-language? What do I say with my tone of voice or my choice of words? Its not always what you say, but how...

If I offend, help me change

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Moving on

My younger brother stayed with us since 23 November 2012. Today, about 4 years later, things changed. He decided, after finding a place to stay with some of his friends, to move along.

We had our good and our bad times together. We had time where things would not go smoothly at all, where limits had to be set from scratch. Times where he helped us, and we helped him. For periods he did not have work, but when he had work things also worked out better for him, and us.

Today I saw a different side of him. He was neutral about moving, not showing any emotions. But as soon as we off-loaded his first batch of stuff, I could see a bit of a change. He had a bit of pride in the fact that he now has his own space. A place that he could come and go as he wants. Also, he is with all his friends. He could interact with people that understands him better, friends that he interacts with daily by choice.

Now, on my part, as older brother, I always felt this responsibility toward him. I felt that I could not just let him go without knowing that he is in a position to look after himself. Now, though, my work is not finished. I will keep on praying for him, as it is my duty to ensure that he, on his own accord, surrenders his life to the Lord. 

Then, we will be brothers in more than one way.

Its goodbye, but not farewell